CNXMotion 3D-Printed Masks

Instructions for assembly and use of 3D-printed masks

GRAND BLANC, MI – April 15, 2020 – The following are instructions for use and care of 3D-printed masks. For maximum respiratory protection, ensuring a proper seal against your face is important.

3D mask

For Inital Fitting
  • Choose one of 3 sizes for best fit.
  • Shave facial hair (sorry Magnum, P.I.).
  • Put mask on then use a hair dryer to gently heat plastic and mold mask to face contours (focus on nose area and creating a good seal to face).
  • Apply weather-stripping, foam, or other gasket material along mask edge as needed.
  • Remove front “window pane” and install new filter material at regular intervals based on usage and exposure.
  • Insert new filter and “window pane” from the outside and press firmly to ensure a tight seal.
  • Disinfect plastic every time take off face mask (wipe or spray).
  • Check elastic bands for tears or loose knots.
  • Try to minimize talking and smiling to maintain good seal to face.
User Notes
  • Emergency use device
  • Good samaritan masks, use at own risk
  • Your first line of defense: stay home
  • Your last line of defense: this mask
Filter Material
  • N95 masks
  • High quality, disposable, anti-allergen, HEPA Vacuum Bags
  • MERV-16 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) furnace filters

Please make sure the filter material you use is safe and does not contain fiber glass or other harmful materials.

3D mask fully assembled



The links below are a modification of the mask with a bigger grill.

Bigmouth Montana Mask (stl file)
Bigmouth Grill (stl file)

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3D mask fully assembled